My Peegu

Special Educator's Support :- Association with 'My Peegu' ensures the support of well qualified and skilled psychologists to deal with the sensitive aspects of a child and extend help to the learners to perform better and better.

OUR VISION To become the world's first child development tracking system which can support schools with real time reports to mould learner's behaviour and to detect child development issues at early stages and also to propose and execute well planned strategies to deal with such areas effectively.

SERVICE TOOL Our proprietary service tool is the perfect blend of psychology and technology which assures accurate results and can tap even the tiniest details of the child’s development and behavior.

Edunext Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Edunext Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a technology company catering to educational institutions. The company is founded by the people with proven experience and in-depth understanding of education enterprise with expertise in technology. Our mission is to help educational institutions in exploiting technology for efficient education delivery and make the journey of studying and teaching a pleasant experience.