A play school is the first step that a child takes towards a better future. It is the root of their education. If you are looking for an ideal play school for your child, then Ivy World Playschool is your ultimate destination. Ivy world play school has earned the term of the best play school in Jalandhar. The school makes it a notion of looking after each and every child with utmost care and paying heed to their every need. Our school makes sure to give to your child a friendly- environment which makes him feel extremely safe and secured. Having such a caring atmosphere will definitely nurture your child in the most harmonious way. At Ivy World Playschool, we assure you that your child will receive the best education through a playful procedure where they will learn their lessons in a recreational way with absolutely no burden. We work towards the goal of making the children in our play school gain self-confidence and self-esteem, which will definitely help them in their near future. Our motto is to bring social, physical and intellectual development in the child through playful activities, thereby helping the young minds to prepare for their journey from play school to school. Ivy World Playschool is known as the best play school in Jalandhar as we formulate a plan for each and every child according to their mental growth and help them excels likewise. The school’s faculty promises to honor parent’s trust and thus treat their children with utter care and render them with the perfect nourishment. Besides providing a safe and comfortable environment, our main aim is to nurture the child’s brain in such a way that they can easily cope with the studies and learn to excel in the academic field. The health of the children at Ivy World School is given prime importance. Thus there are regular exercise classes held which ensure their physical fitness as well. Through fun and enjoyment, the children learn the best lessons at such a ripe age in this school. We nurture the child’s existing skills in a particular field and help them to excel in that field. We also make sure to create a bonding with each and every child so that they feel free to share their likes and dislikes with us. Thus this is the ultimate play school for the budding minds.