Board of Advisers

Looking from here and now into the future, we believe that our children must own knowledge and skills to own their world and success midst challenges of times. We have made this belief centric to whatever we do in our classrooms. Besides transformation of teaching and helping our children to learn the art of learning, a tool they need in every moment of life, we have taken a conscious and informed decision to bring in design thinking that would help them to turn their curiosity into creativity and innovation. While we know that it would be slow process. We would remain persuasive in putting resources and capable faculty to bring our beliefs into reality! That's our promise!

Mr. GS Madhav Rao

In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision. Dalai Lama Life as it flows, helps a person gather and touch myriad experiences. These leave an indelible mark on the soul, molding it to perfection of thought and action. Positive attitude helps acheive goals and reach greater heights. To bring a change in any system, one requires to have passion and a vision for the future. My passion as an ardent educationist, has transformed my thinking into action where I want to touch the lives of children in a better way. It is heartening for me to see the sketch of a fulfilling vision come alive as education becomes accessible and real for the student. From the first stroke of taking a child under our wing to nurture, to the stage of implementing policies for a better future of the growing adult, every step, a precious one, completely planned and guided to be able to grow as an independent adult. My effort is to make this most important part of a child's life, an impeccable part to set the student on the pathway of being a holistic learner for life. It is not a matter of a few days or months, it is an oblation for life.

Mrs. Sanjeev Chauhan

My efforts in the field of education have been guided by these words of Kahlil Gibran to ensure holistic development of each child while cruising along their own interests and abilities, in order to realize their true potential. I have been a vociferous advocate of combining this approach with a modern curriculum infused with skills development and technological excellence, to strengthen the child's ability to successfully navigate through the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. As an educator having been at the helm of various schools and curricula (CBSE, CAIE and IB), across the length and breadth of the country, I believe that the function of education is to train one's mind to think intensively and critically. We must facilitate skills development and technological excellence to ensure holistic development of each child. It is my pleasure to shift focus on some of the brightest young minds of the country being nurtured at I-League schools as an Educational Advisor. We believe that modern technology and infrastructure would bolster our efforts as relevant and proficient providers of learning while making students appreciative of their personal and cultural heritage and equipping them with, 'the winds that their wings need to fly'.

Mr. Anit Arora

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” - Carl Sagan.
The most important aspect of growth in a one's life cycle is his education blended with good mental & physical health. This decides the course of one's life. Learning is a lifelong experience & hunger for this should never stop. In this fast changing environment, Education must be an excellent mix of knowledge, modernity and ethical values which should prepare us to be good global citizen.

Cmde IL Syal

I look forward to work through I-League for innovating new approaches to teaching and learning; to respond constructively to the changing social conditions which children and young people are growing up within; and to meet and thrive in the technical and environmental challenges we all face in our uncertain tomorrows.
Best wishes

Dr. Nick Owen

I-League Education Management is a unique fast- growing organisation that encourages collaboration and creativity, unlocking the golden door of freedom of expression & innovative strategies. As an Advisory Board Member I am delighted to add value to the new dimensions envisaged by the dynamic Chairman of the group

Dr. Punam Kashyap